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Parents That Make Life Shitty.


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外围体育投注So my mom has been physically, emotionally and verbally abusive to me since I can’t remember when, probably since my younger brother was born (I was 8). In my childhood it wasn’t very visible because spanking and yelling is normalized in my culture and she hadn’t started calling me names at the time because it’d be weird to call a child a whore or a cunt, right? But as I reached puberty and especially before I went off to college, it got really bad. I would get screamed at for the smallest things and beaten up for leaving the table wet after I wipe it (and not drying it), etc. My mom makes me do housework the exact way that she wants because if I don’t then I “won’t be able to find a man” and that she doesn’t understand why I graduated from college and still can’t do certain tasks. She’s constantly afraid of losing control over me. My dad is a great guy but he never interfered with the beating or name calling or the threats to kill me or humiliate me. He just kinda kept quiet. As a result, I’ve been hyper vigilant my entire life: jumpy at loud noises, cower when someone is about to hit me (even if they weren’t gonna), and just highly emotional when unnecessary. Now the thing is, my mom and dad aren’t always evil. They’ve done great things for me throughout my childhood and adolescence, and I could feel that they’ve always wanted the best for me and tried their hardest. I know they spent a lot of money raising me. This made me question the validity of my own experience many times. I graduated a year ago and started working full time immediately (I’m 23). I lived on my own and even sent some money home whenever I could. But recently I moved back home after losing my job to COVID. I’ve been living at home for a month now while looking for a new job. I’ve grown a million times since I moved away and have been a lot better at setting boundaries, which drives my mom crazy. She said I need to follow her rules if I live in her house. I still do everything she tells me to but I don’t let her walk all over me anymore and now she’s calling me an ungrateful bastard and that she only puts up with me cuz she couldn’t pick her own children (which I’m certainly going to do, if at all). AITA? She also has this habit of ranting and insulting me for hours and then getting herself mad to the point where she wants to hit me and if I walk away or don’t pay attention to her she’ll start screaming.

外围体育投注My dad says the way I view the world is too first world and bourgeois

TLDR; moved back home temporarily because of COVID, haven’t contributed financially, AITA for talking back or setting boundaries?

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They have debt-slaves.

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外围体育投注Through my childhood I’ve been heavily abused emotionally, and physically by my parents,for many years, I’ve called the police in the past but they haven’t done anything. I’m trying to get out.

My best friend is also trying to help me but the funds she can raise are very limited.

My only option is going to a Bulgarian university, and that means staying at my parents place and that’s not good.

外围体育投注If you can, please support me, that would mean so much to me. Thank you

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Recently someone in my parents' office tested positive for COVID-19. My father as usual was worried I suppose (giving him the benefit of doubt) and I tried to calm him down and he was yelling at my mom. We've had enough of his yelling for sometime now and I decided this time I'd try and explain him this isn't the way to talk. He yelled, we yelled, then he always bends up hitting me or my mom. So this time I hit him too. I couldn't take it anymore. I and my mom asked him to get lost from the house and never show his face to us again. (Ofcourse he's at home in the other room). But I hit him like never before and I really feel he deserved it.

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So, I just need to vent with people who understand what I go through, because I’m sick and tired of people with good parents defending mine. My parents are already elderly, 65+, and my mom had health problem her whole life. My father is the healthiest person I know. Just saying this for background.

外围体育投注Both were and still are abusive, physically, verbally, financially and psychologically/emotionally. But most of my abuse was by the hands of my mother. One because I was with her more since my father worked a lot, and also because she is more abusive in general. But both are abusive narcissists. And the abuse each other too, not physically but psychologically and financially. About a month ago she fell and broke some ribs. My father not only doesn’t give a shit about her health, he always says she is faking or exaggerating things. But this time he tried to use her injury to manipulate me since he decided BY HIMSELF to force me to take money from him to help with the bills because of covid and now he wants me to do things for her, like driving her places, so he doesn’t have to. I knew that money would cost me so much more than just money. Also, he knows how much I hate being near her for too long, specially if I’m trapped, like in a car with her, because she is one of those people who won’t stop talking for even a sec, and most of her talking is trash talking someone.

I’m gonna stop here because I’m stressed out already just remembering what happened. The emotional flashbacks are hard to deal with. Thank you whoever read it.

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外围体育投注My dad is a recovering alcoholic. He’s about 1 1/2 months sober (supposedly) but yesterday took pills and was calling people and asking who they were, sending nonsense texts, and slurring his words. He couldn’t remember where his dogs were or the last time he’s eaten. He crashed his car. And then when family called to have a welfare check done (he kicked out multiple family members who tried checking in on him before that) things escalated. He barricaded himself in the house and got out his guns. His guns that a family member took away after he threatened me but gave back because “he’s sober now.” When police approached the house, he told them to get off his f***ing lawn and that he had guns. He held up and cocked a handgun towards the door at them, so they left to deescalate the situation but are constantly driving past the house. My mom is already separated and we live together, but now she’s devastated and filing for divorce. I’m so upset and embarrassed for my family. I want nothing more than to go to his house and get the dogs out of there but am scared for myself (and my own dogs who depend on me) since he gets aggressive towards me/threatens to kill me when he’s drunk or having a breakdown. I always forgive my dad and love him and want him in my life, but something in me really changed after this. He terrifies me.

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外围体育投注My mom is bipolar, and she also has claimed to have OCD, Autism, PTSD, and depression.

She's having a mental breakdown, and last week, she shoved me. I simply said that my little brother wasn't wet, as I had just changed him. Luckily, we were on the couch, so I didn't fall, but it did hurt.

Last night, we had a talk, with my dad present, and I could tell she was holding back. She asked why I was lying to her cause previously when we were alone, I pretended to really love her and support her. I told her point-blank I did it cause I was scared of her. And when I told her she shoved me, she claimed her 'PTSD made her'.

Maybe I'm the dumb one, maybe I'm too sensitive, but I hate her now. I don't care about when/if she gets better, I don't care about when I'm an adult (I'm 16), I'm never forgiving her for this. This is traumatizing, my mom doesn't care about my chronic pain (even standing hurts sometimes). Just today, she made me put up our curtains by myself cause her shoulder was 'numb'. I was on my tippy toes cause they're a bit too high for me. Then I had to walk up and down the stairs to do laundry, which really really hurt. But no, to her I can't feel pain, or if I do, I have to work through it! But she doesn't!

And watching my little brother (who is basically mentally 8-11 months old, though he's eight) is only a chore, when she does it! For me? No, no, he's not hard to take care of at all! And I have to 'grow up'


外围体育投注Also, my name is Micah mom. I'm a boy. Fuck you for saying you support me, but never using the right name or pronouns. I hate you. And I'll never let you in my life again after I leave this hell hole.

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