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Are you in the wrong?


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Basically the title. I had left reddit on bookmark on my laptop that my sister had borrowed.

外围体育投注They tend to be really nosy about my stuff. I was feeling really emotional after my confession and I guess I forgot to remove it.

My sister had a panic attack because she read my confession on reddit. Everyone is upset at me for posting about my suicide attempts and several other family situations.

They think that there is no excuse for my suicide attempts and that I'm merely justifying my actions on internet. And my thoughts at the end terrifies them and according to them "why will you even say that after all the money we spent on therapy for you?"

To me the confession wasn't a justification nor an excuse. It was a confession about my struggle. That was all.

外围体育投注Not only that, they want me to apologise to my sister for causing a panic attack. And also to everyone else for what I wrote.

I refuse to do either.

外围体育投注Firstly, the panic attack happened because she was snooping.

Secondly It was on reddit because it was my only way of speaking about it without revealing my family's identity or mine and so that I wouldn't keep it all bottled up and suffer another breakdown.

I don't think its fair that they want me to apologise for all of that.

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外围体育投注Basically the story goes I was called racist and homophobic by three friends who all blew up at me after having talked together behind my back. Like I wake up one day and I get the cold shoulder as I’m asking why I was booted from a server and no one gave me a direct answer until finally I get a scathing message that says a lot of hurtful things ranging from racist, homophobic, and so on. I’m not either of those hateful types.

And the reason it was brought up was because I said I didn’t see color when I saw my friends and I instead saw friends who welcomed me into their life first. Note I am a product of an interracial marriage mixed white and Hispanic. My parents taught me to look At a person for themselves first and not to factor race for any part of judgement. Not only that yet my mother has been attacked or insulted and called slurs over her race in her young life and in our current town.

外围体育投注As for homophobic I passingly said someone was an angry Lesbo since she was bullying another girl irrationally. I never had issues with said person, I didn’t call said person said word to them in any way. Nor was I aware it was apparently a slur considering how much the term has been liberally thrown around everywhere as a joke.

Yet more importantly it involves how the one long time friend having dug deep at me, blaming me for her losing friends, saying I made excuses for my actions when it was more I explain why I did, and that I was too stubborn to listen to them otherwise even though I trusted said longtime friend to be open and honest if there was an issue and told them directly they can tell me if I was being a problem.

I won’t say I’m perfect or whatever since I can be critical of a lot of people for acting disturbed or obnoxious or even just bad art. Not to their face yet in private since said people bug me for being off putting constantly. Yet even so when I asked if it’s ok they said it was fine and now apparently it never was when I get chewed out.

So eventually I retort to the long time friend she acts inappropriate by jokingly saying slurs in private since if I’m being called racist then she needs to get in check and not use them either. Yet she goes onto lambast me for all the listed above or for holding grudges for reasonable issues that I dealt with an individual or for venting on why I didn’t like a person in confidence even though they said it was ok. Never mind that it’s not like I promoted hate of any race or sexuality. Nevermind I was quick to understand I made a mistake and have asked if it was or wasn’t racist to be aware if it’s unintentional racist or such.

Now the question is was I in the wrong over this because regardless I’m willing and was always willing to discuss or hear out why I’m wrong yet all said friends just vilified me and hanged up on me without ever trying to calmly talk and explain why I was or could’ve been wrong. Even if I had no intentions with such allegations. Because being called a racist or homophobic had me shaken where I needed to re evaluate a lot before I could reaffirm that I’m not either by looking at how I acted and why I did.

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外围体育投注Throwaway account for obvious reasons.

外围体育投注This whole situation is a big mess but I'm really struggling to know if I did the right thing. About 4 weeks ago my girlfriend told me she had relapsed on heroin. I had my suspicions after I smelled something strange from her room and asked her about the smell multiple times but she just acted like she didn't know what it was. It was when she told me that I realized she had been smoking in our apartment and I realized when she had been leaving hanging out for abnormal amounts of time then coming back that's what she had been doing and lastly realized why she had been seemingly avoiding hanging out with me which I had been worrying was something to do with me.

After this realization I was really hurt and speechless. I just got up and left and went in another room to process it all. I'm unfortunately someone who emotions take a long time to hit. I know that addiction is a disease and that it isn't her fault but over the course of being with her (we've broke up once before) I've continually tried to assure her that I wouldn't just leave or get mad at her for relapsing or going back to it but I just needed her to tell me. All of these things led to me feeling really uncomfortable about our relationship at that moment.

外围体育投注Skip to the next morning and as I'm getting ready for work she comes in and tells me she's sorry in a really weird way. I tried to ask her what she was sorry about but she wouldn't answer. I went to her a few minutes later and she still wouldn't answer my question directly but was obviously in a hard and, to me perceiving, weird place. She started texting me a few minutes later and she started berating me about how I'm not being there for her and the fact that I'm not showing her any compassion and am just ignoring her will make it that much easier to kill herself. She said things like "I'm sorry I'm so terrible that I'm so unbearable to be around in my last hours." This was her communication style throughout this entire interaction. It felt very manipulative to me and like I was being attacked. I understand this came out of pain but it still really messed with me and hurt me. I ended up having to stop her from leaving because she said she was leaving to kill herself. All of this was very traumatic and brought up a lot of anxiety from a previous relationship I had in where about half of it was her acting this way towards me.

外围体育投注I ended up getting upset and told her that I'm not okay being treated this way and after it continued I said I couldn't be with her. I became very cold and just focused on trying to remove any possibility of her killing herself but I couldn't be there emotionally for her. I'm sure I said and acted in ways that were hurtful to her.

外围体育投注We hardly interacted for the next few weeks and as we started talking again I couldn't be close with her. I felt unsafe, hurt, and like I couldn't trust her for everything that I listed above and that had happened. She mentioned how I was acting a few days ago and I told her how I was feeling. The conversation continued and led up to me saying that I didn't see a way forward, at least not right now, knowing it was possible I could be treated in that way. What makes me feel absolutely terrible is that this was two days before her birthday and three days before her adult diploma graduation. The timing couldn't have been worse and I feel like an absolute dick for the timing. I mentioned I would still like to be in her life as friends if possible and still wanted to go to her graduation.

My question here is: Am I wrong to have broken up with her? She keeps telling me that I can't be there for her in her worst times so I can't be there for her in her best. I completely understand and respect her decision because it's her life and her graduation but it's messing with me that she keeps telling me I just left her at her lowest because it was too much effort. From my perspective I left because I didn't feel safe or comfortable and I never wanted to experience stuff like that after my first traumatic relationship. I know the timing was terrible but I'm still not sure what else I could have done because the time for the conversation felt like it had come. She had decided to start getting help with her situation and has told me she doesn't want anything like what happened that day to happen again but I still feel unsafe.

Am I in the wrong here? Should I try to stick with her? I'm stuck between feeling like a terrible person and feeling like I need to make sure I'm taken care of.

tl;dr I feel I was treated unfairly by my now ex who has been in a bad place to the point I couldn't handle it. She's working on it now but I'm not sure I could trust her or feel safe again. I feel like a dick for breaking up with her now, especially given it was so close to important days for her. What should I do?

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I need some perspective on this.

My roommate and I are in college and we found a decently priced apartment. We filled out the application and sent in the security deposit.

外围体育投注Because of the fact that we're in college and do not meet the minimum income requirement, we need a guarantor. My father was originally our guarantor but we found out that being the guarantor would mean he is responsible for both me AND my roommate. He does not want to be financially responsible for my roommate, so we asked the apartment if we could have two guarantors- my father and hers- to which they replied no, but subsequently added that we could switch guarantors halfway through, meaning my father could be the guarantor for a few months and then hers could take up the responsibility. He agreed to this, but under the condition that she speak to her father and get confirmation that he will indeed take up the responsibility when the time comes.

My roommate has been refusing to talk to her father about it. Each time I reach out to her, she has said she will talk to him about it but she still has not done so and it has been weeks.

We are supposed to be moving into our apartment next week and our lease agreement isn't complete because she will not speak to her father. My parents want her parents to be equally responsible for the apartment and do not want the burden to fall on them completely.

I received a call from the landlord stating that he will cancel our move in if we do not add a guarantor on. Despite my constant pleas to her, she has just told me to "relax." Even in the face of losing our apartment, she still refuses to take on the responsibility to talk to her father. The landlord has been calling me nonstop asking me about the situation, and I told him to call her and when he called her all she did was text me pissed off that I told them to call her.

外围体育投注I have tried to be cordial. I have tried to be diplomatic. It is T-minus 7 days before we are supposed to move into our apartment and she has stopped responding to my texts about the situation completely.

Am I in the wrong for being pissed off? What do I do?

TLDR; My roommate will not involve her family in the rent process at all and expects my family to pick up all the slack financially. Landlord says that he will cancel our move in if we don't sort this out, but she has stopped responding to my texts.

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My(16m) twin sister(16f) just got out of a mental hospital and my parents are making her go to family therapy. My parents are toxic as hell and if they make me go as well, I will straight up refuse. Why? They cant make ME go and talk to THEM about why I feel they are toxic, it's my decision to make, if I don't feel comfortable going, I won't go. My older sister(22f) said I'm being "a child" and said they can make me do whatever they want. I feel like they can't make me do anything just because I came out of them.

外围体育投注Am I wrong to think this?

外围体育投注Edit: My twin sister is going not only because my parents are making her, but 3 therapists have recommended she go.

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I am in Facebook group for a new game that hasn't released out of beta yet. This streamer is not a popular streamer, but he posted in said group with this post verbatim:

"If anyone is looking to receive a Key Drop 📷 for Rogue Company (all platforms), DM me 📷 This will give you FULL ACCESS to the game.

外围体育投注#FlyGuyGaming 📷📷"

外围体育投注So, I messaged him accordingly hoping to get a key and this is how the conversation went:


外围体育投注Me: Can I get a rogue company key?

Streamer: Sure. Which platform?

Me: pc

Them: i have 3 PC keys left. All you have to do is FOLLOW my gaming page & join our Discord server

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Soon my siblings will move out and take the dog with them and I can’t wait. I’ve had to look after that dog for so long and it’ll make things much easier having less people around. It’s nothing against them as people but the more people I have to share a house with the more stressful it can get.

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