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Medical Questions


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HugzTake My Energy

I'm not sure this qualifies as a medical question, but I cant think of a better place to ask.

外围体育投注Some days ago I lost my father, and it was rough. He passed away at home and several days went by until it was noticed. The emergency services entered the house through the window of the apartment and after staying there in a heat wave for so much time the remains apparently were in a pretty bad state, to the point that I was not asked to identify the body because it was not identifiable and the police is following a different procedure to confirm the identity.

The reason I'm sharing this is that the flat was being rented and I've been asked by the landlord to go there tomorrow and remove his personal effects. I'm mentally preparing myself for what I am going to encounter there, since the place has been left untouched since the body was removed. I would like someone who is familiar with death to provide some information about that - am I going to encounter strong smell? Some kind of bodily fluids? Should i wear some kind of mask to help with that? I am in the dark about all or this and the police officer just told me to "expect the worst" without further explanation.

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22 hours ago

Hi all! 23M, 179cm tall, about 110 kg. Power lifter, generally very good health. No smoking, no alcohol consumption in the last 7 month's. So as the title says, I am having a surgery regarding the removal of a AV Fistula since I do not need it anymore. When we booked the surgery, last year, I thought nothing of it. Simple enough procedure the doctor said, do not worry. So I went with it. Then we got delayed because of current world pandemic. Last week hospital calls me and said that I have to start self-isolating as on the 25th of August we're going ahead with the procedure. Good, I've waited a long time. Let's roll. However, today the email with instructions arrived and I am very very very scared. I don't even know about what, maybe about dying on the table.

外围体育投注1- I'm having a general anaesthetic. I've watched videos online and read hospital horror stories and I'm kinda scared they might misdose me, that I might wake up in the middle of surgery or that there might be complications with the tube and oxygen flow. How common are these things?

2- Will me being scared somehow change my physiological responses and increase the difficulty of the surgery?

3- How do I tell the nurses/doctors that I do not want visitors, regardless of whether they are family or not?

4- What are the best options to avoid loose skin since my left arm (where the fistula is) will be a bit smaller now?

外围体育投注5- Any advice at all that would maybe help me relax or anything I should know before I spend another week and a half on the Internet reading stories of surgeries gone horribly wrong?

Thank you.

外围体育投注EDIT: Oh my God! I literally went away for the evening and I came back to something truly great. I wanna thank all of you for responding, and those who have sent me a message, thank you too. I will get to everyone, I promise. Thank you for your support. I feel much better about this and as some of you suggested I will speak to my nurse and ask her for something about my nerves before I am even put under. You guys are great, thank you so so so much!!!

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3 hours ago

I weigh 147 pounds 5,7 Male Caucasian I weigh 147 pounds 5,7 I’m a male I drank a half a gallon of milk 1 bottle of tea and like 5 cups of water and some bottles of ensure my stomach and chest are in soooo much pain and I feel horrible and very dizzy also I have gastritis and take omeprazole and tums for it my doctors office doesn’t open for another 3 hours and the all the stuff I drank over the course of 8 hours but drank a lot in the past 4 hours also I’d say over a gallon of liquids drank

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The title basically has it all. Any time I hurt the inside of my mouth it turns into these white (pea size in diameter) wounds that hurt like hell any time I touch them or consume fruits like apples oranges or peaches.

外围体育投注I try to treat it with mouthwash like Corsodyl, but I'm not even sure if it helps anymore, other than numbing my mouth for a while.

Is this normal or something I could somehow avoid? Having to eat on one side of my mouth, avoid fruits and still be pretty uncomfortable for a week or so while eating anything is pretty annoying.

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30 minutes ago

外围体育投注[22F, 135 lbs, 5’5”] I was diagnosed with a ganglion cyst on my left wrist about a month ago. I’ve had the cyst for the majority of this year. I fell on it this morning and I felt the cyst get pinched. Now, I can see a much smaller cyst on the top of my wrist (different place), and my wrist is swollen at the original location of the cyst. Should I assume that I busted the cyst and let it be? Or should I see the ortho again?

Picture from before with right wrist for comparison:

Pictures from this morning showing swelling at original location and smaller cyst remaining:

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40 minutes ago

Hello Good day im a 21 year old young man who had / Have Some Ed issues maube from anxiety but only with one person I went ahead and bought some pills some chinese enhancement pills which claimee to be all natural so everytime i took them i took Em 2 at a time. Each time two at once i took about 16 in total and im scared they might have damaged my penis can too much slidenafil damage your penis? And the worst part is she broke up with me so im stuck worrying about my future. Smh

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13 hours ago

外围体育投注Hi AskDocs. I’m 16, male, about 160lbs, 5’11, living in Canada and don’t have any underlying health problems or habits.

I scratched my arm accidentally with a stick that may have had raccoon blood on it. I cleaned it thoroughly with soap and water and sanitized it with rubbing alcohol. Should I still be concerned? Thanks.


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