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外围体育投注I was always pretty terrified at the concept of taking sandpaper back to my newly finished spray paint job. I was worried maybe I hadn’t sprayed enough and I would destroy it, or I would immediately run through my clear coat, something like that. But, no. Turns out that’s all I needed to bring my spray painting “skills” (good enough for me) to life!

Here’s a before and after image.



Things done to get these results:

Waited weeks after spray painting (not necessary, just wasn’t brave enough to do it till now)

外围体育投注Completely cleaned down the panel (honestly just wiped it down, don’t care enough to clay, there are errors in the paint anyway)

Wet sanded 1500, 2000, 2500.

Turtle Rubbing compound.

Turtle polishing compound.

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外围体育投注I've seen many many comments about the quality of details coming out of dealerships, so I thought I'd shed some light on the matter. Most of those guys are making $9-$12 an hour with little experience and are rush rush rushed. I've been a working detail manager for 2 decades and I can tell you that you get what you pay for when it comes to hiring detailers. $9 - 12/hr either straight pay or flat rate normally gets you an inexperienced college kid that isn't interested in learning the job, you get someone with very little work ethic that you can't turn your back on, or you get someone that is simply terrible and can't be trained. Guys that work hard and learn the trade are getting super hard to find, because most dealerships don't want to pay $45 - $70k a year. It's money being directly taken away from profit. It's not as simple as most people think; all departments are considered seperate entities and all are expected to hit their profit margins/goals every month. Internal details are billed to sales normally by the service department. Service upcharges the sales department on details. Examples: used car detail $185 and the tech gets $50. New car clean for delivery $45 and the tech gets $10. So sales gets raped because of service and the detailers get raped from service playing the middle man. Additional services like claybar or wet sanding cost more, so they decline unless customer complains. Of course there are exceptions, but this is pretty standard. I worked at a family owned BMW dealership for years and we had the best detail shop in town (Google reviews) because the pay was high and every car had to be perfect, no matter the cost. The budget was decent. Conglomerate came in, bought the business and cut the pay across the board to $12/hr. Everyone in the detail dept left and decided to get into a different line of work, except me. The types of employees previously mentioned were hired. This is happening everywhere. Corporations are going through and buying dealerships from the little guys and running the dealerships like meat grinders. Production > quality. I'm lucky because I'm in a smallish dealership group and the owner kind of leaves it up to his store managers how they want to run things. My gm is something of a detail enthusiast and he's super picky, so I get to do whatever needs to be done and charge accordingly. I also have full control over supplies and budgeting. This is definitely not the norm. I can't tell you how many dealership shops I've been in that don't have the proper equipment, tools or chemicals. Shops that only buy new microfiber towels every 6 months. Shops with only one 10 year old shop-vac or no pressure washer or no current polishers and pads. No sandpaper, no touch-up paint, no steamer, no step stools, no compound, no vacuum filters, no washer and dryer for towels. No msds sheets or labelled bottles. Lot of shops out there with terrible lighting and no climate control. Dealership detailing is grueling work. Especially when you don't have the right tools for the job and you're not getting paid enough to buy your own. And then you have a lot of "bosses". You have the gm, the new car manager, the used car manager, the service manager, the finance managers, the sales staff, the inventory manager, the porters and the service advisors all bringing you cars that need to be done "asap customer waiting". Shops are also understaffed a lot of times, leading to guys having to skip lunch most days and having to work late. I'm not saying all shops are like this and suffer from all of these problems, but from my experience, it's pretty common. So yeah, don't always blame the detailer, blame the dealership for not caring enough about the product that's being sent out. I suggest asking for a little tour through the detail dept for a quick meet and greet and to check out the shop conditions. If they decline, even for "insurance reasons", please don't have your vehicle cleaned there because that is a super red flag. I get clients in my shop frequently. And if you do happen to find a good detailer, make sure to tip them, because not only will you make their day, they will remember you and spend a little extra time on your next appointment. Thanks for reading!

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Should I put wax or sealant before the application of the TW Ceramic Spray Coating? I know with the Meg's HCW they recommend using their liquid wax, but wasn't sure as far as Turtle.


So I went on a rampage to do this DIY style and I love Gyeon products so I bought all their materials to prep, iron X, paint correct polish, prep and the Synchro line with Mohamed, skin and Cure.

But in condo poor lighting no outlets and now water so I realized I needed it done professionally. Which I did and it’s

Now my dilemma is that I have hundreds of dollars of brand new unused product and no idea what to do with it.

Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this but if anyone in Scottsdale is interested hit me up.

But also I want to endorse this product line. A year later with proper maintenance, two bucket washing and monthly “cure” and she is still super hydrophobic and protected.

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